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We can supply analysers to meet an application specification or a specific instrument description

We can supply analytical equipment to meet an application specification or a specific instrument description.

CE Instruments supply consumables for GC, OEA, CEA and Auto Samplers.

The Crystal GC/MS offers both unsurpassed sensitivity and unparalleled stability for a wide range of applications in any laboratory. 

The system can deliver high-performance, throughtput and accuracy.
Crystal GC-MSD is fully automated, designed for very easy service and has a user friendly software. The nstrument features a wide range of accessories.

CE Instruments are the exclusive agent in the UK for 

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EffiChem is a leader in producing effective and efficient laboratory quality solutions.

 The only Laboratory Information and Quality Management Software integrating Method Validation and 21 CFR Part 11 Record Keeping for GMP and ISO 17025-accredited labs.



Non-destructive rapid multi-element analysis by XRF

Multi purpose HPLC system to cover all liquid chromatography applications.

New Liquid, Headspace and SPME auto samplers


EAGER XPERIENCE 1.3 for Win 10 available now (Add this to your next consumables order for your F.O.C upgrade disc)




We carry a large stock of parts for the older GC and OEA range of instrumentation. Carlo Erba, CE Instruments, Fisons. From motors to liners, consumables to complete systems.

CE Instruments currently offer three different service contracts. All with 20% discount on parts and consumables.