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Specialist in chromatography & elemental analysis

We supply analytical equipment to meet an application specification or a specific instrument description.

CE Instruments supply consumables for GC, OEA, CEA and Auto Samplers.

CE Instruments Ltd is now the exclusive agent in the UK and Ireland for the Organic Elemental Analysers (OEA) products from Thermo Milan. These are a combustion system built around a simple isothermal TCD GC.

All our other products are from independent companies as we have found these to be more responsive, flexible and committed to customer care than the larger multi-disciplined companies. They need to have the best products at the right price in order to survive as they only have the one product line to live off. They are also free to co-operate with each other.

For example, we are the exclusive agent for Dani GC’s which are also made in Milan and have roots back to the original Carlo Erba factory.

Another of our product lines are from the company HTA which make GC and LC samplers. Again, this is another spin-off company from the old Carlo Erba factory in Milan.

Our LC products are from ECOM in the Czech Republic. These are built and tested to a very high standard and offer a smaller footprint than other LC systems.

We use the Clarity software to control and process data from the above analysers. These are also based in Prague in the Czech Republic.

We supply TOF Mass Spec or Single Quad Mass Spec to meet the different analytical requirements these two products are best suited for.

As part of giving a full and complimentary portfolio of products we offer gas generators, water systems, ball mills, balances etc. as ancillary equipment to the main analysers above. 

The Crystal GC/MS offers both unsurpassed sensitivity and unparalleled stability for a wide range of applications in any laboratory. 

The system can deliver high-performance, throughtput and accuracy.
Crystal GC-MSD is fully automated, designed for very easy service and has a user friendly software. The instrument features a wide range of accessories.

CE Instruments are the exclusive agent in the UK for 

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Multi purpose HPLC system to cover all liquid chromatography applications.

New Liquid, Headspace and SPME auto samplers


EAGER Smart 1.0 for Win 10 available now (Add this to your next consumables order for your F.O.C upgrade disc)




We carry a large stock of parts for the older GC and OEA range of instrumentation. Carlo Erba, CE Instruments, Fisons. From motors to liners, consumables to complete systems.

CE Instruments currently offer three different service contracts. All with 20% discount on parts and consumables.