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WXTS3DU 0.001 mg

Easy Weighing

The design is optimized for fast and secure weighing of very small samples. The touchscreen operation is intuitive and can be customized to help improve your workflows.


Efficient Cleaning

Avoid wasting time cleaning thanks to clever design features: the draft shield doors glide open on rails at the top, and the bottom plate of the weighing chamber is easily removed and doesn’t have any gaps or ridges.

Accurate Sample Preparation

Reproducible analytical results start with accurate sample preparation using a microbalance. The rugged WXTS produces stable and accurate results even under challenging weighing conditions.

WXTS has a capacity up to 1.2 g / 3.2 g and Readability 0.001 mg / 0.01 mg.

Mettler XP6

Series 390 0.01mg

Introducing the new 390 Series revolutionising weighing with modern technology, ease of use and eye-catching design to suit all modern laboratory environments.

With an array of features and customisation, the 390 Series models all have 7″ anti-reflective touchscreen displays, low weighing pan height, electronic precision level display and user management suitable for use in GLP/GMP environments.

You can build your balance with the applications and features that most suit your daily needs and requirements and our team can assist with the correct model to meet your needs.

There are four different Precisa 390 models: HF, HA, HE, HM eash with distinct functions and accessories incorporated.

On HF & HA models, additional features are:

  • Automated draftshield.  Silent motor and touchless sensors easily provide touchfree opening/closing of the balance drafthshield.  The sensors can also be programmed for functions such as extent of draftshield opening, tare and triggering zero.

On Premium HF model, the additional features are:

  • Static electricity removal using the in-built ECS (Electrostatic Cancellation System) to quickly and thoroughly neutralise electrostatic charges that may be present on your precious sample.
  • AOS – Ambient Observation System.  When environmental changes occur due to temperature, humidity and/or pressure changes in weighing environment, the AOS System can perform automatic readjustment of weighing parameters to guarantee results.