Gas Chromatography

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Master GC

Master DHS P&T

CE Instruments are the exclusive the agent in the UK for Dani Instrumentation

The Master GC can be equipped not only with up to three injectors and three detectors simultaneously, but also features the possibility to set up two auxiliary temperatures and three pressures (one of these is settable as auxiliary flow), allowing the use of an extended number of external devices.

Auxiliary ovens, gas sampling and switching valves, methanizer, GC oven cryogenic cooling device, and other optional devices make the Master GC the most suitable gas chromatograph for the development of complex analytical systems.

Two auxiliary ovens with different capacities are available to house valves and columns for specific multidimensional applications.

For low level carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide detections the Master GC can be equipped with the methanizer to reach the sensitivity level of the FID. The catalytic reduction of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide to methane permits their detection at levels below 1 ppm.
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