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At CE Instruments we can build a GC to your specification and application. 
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Master DHS P&T
TOF Detector

The advanced modular design of the Master GC components features outstanding flexibility and upgradeability. 

Any GC configuration can be easily modified or upgraded. The MASTER GC allows the simultaneous installation of up to three injection systems and up to three detectors.

  • Split/Splitless (SL/IN)
  • Programmable Temperature Vaporizer (PTV)
  • Packed (PK)
  • Gas Valve oven

Wide selection of detectors compatible with Fast GC applications:

  • Flame Ionization Detector (FID)
  • Electron Capture Detector (ECD)
  • Nitrogen-Phosphorus Detector (NPD)
  • Flame Photometric Detector (FPD)
  • Photo Ionization Detector (PID)
  • Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD)
  • Micro TCD (╬╝TCD)
  • Pulsed Discharged Detector (PDD)