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Elemental analysis


The Flash Smart

Organic Elemental Analyser

The FLASH Smart series analyser operates to the dynamic flash combustion method (modified Dumas method) of the sample for the determination of Carbon, Hydrogen Nitrogen and Sulphur. Samples – organic or inorganic, solid or liquid – are weighed into a tin capsule and introduced into the combustion reactor by an auto sampler (MASPlus). When the sample enters the reactor, inserted in the special furnace at 900 - 1000°C, a small volume of pure Oxygen is added to the system and aids the burning of the organic or inorganic material, converting the sample into gases. A separation column and Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD) allows the user to determine the elemental concentrations without using a complex splitting system, aliquot dosing or purge and trap absorber. On the same instrument, but working in a different analytical condition, the Oxygen determination can be obtained when operating in pyrolysis mode. Utilizing the Flash Dynamic Combustion method

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Our Technology

Advanced Solutions

Versatility and modularity are key design aspects of the FLASH Smart series, ensuring performance that meets your requirements, no matter how often those requirements change.


Data Handling

Eager Smart, the dedicated software, controls the operation, data acquisition and data evaluation capabilities of the FLASH Smart Series enabling quick reference to method parameters and instrument status readout. Users can configure this flexible platform to gain access to either all available features or, alternatively, to a customized and simplified user interface incorporating pre-set methods. Eager Xperience is the advanced, complete and flexible dedicated software for OEA applications.

Eager Smart software supports compliance to strict FDA regulations (21 CFR parts 11) for a closed analytical system including data security, method authorization, electronic signature, etc.