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HTA Auto-Samplers

HT3000A Liquids Auto-sampler

CE Instruments Ltd are the primary supplier of HTA Autosamplers in the UK. Based in the north west of the UK, we are well situated to supply and support you, wherever you are in the UK. HTA are a well-established Italian company with a long history of producing quality autosamplers, for both GC and LC applications.

HTA HT3200

HT2000H Headspace autosampler


The robotic vial processing operation allows for sample analysis in a straightforward and systematic way.
The sample vials are transported into the heated six-position incubator for preconditioning.
The sample is simultaneously heated and shaken, in order to facilitate the state change and to reach the equilibrium. A heated, gas-tight syringe is then moved over the incubator and the headspace sample is withdrawn. After sample injection, the syringe is automatically cleaned, by purging with inert gas.

The high performance, gas-tight heated syringe is a simple and robust system. It eliminates the dead volume and absorption effects, typical of sample loops and transfer lines, which can also impede their detection at very low levels. The HTA syringe-only concept allows for sequential injections, even with samples characterized by highly dissimilar features. Even the most chemically active compounds can be analysed, without needing to change any of the sample pathways. Furthermore, it permits adjustable sample volumes without loop changes.

This autosampler is fully self-contained and can be easily installed on all the GC and GC/MS systems available in the market, because of flexibility and modular configuration. It can be configured to serve up to two injectors in most supported GCs.

The rotating tower leaves the injector port free for manual injection or maintenance. In addition to avoiding any complicated sample vial transfer procedures, this approach keeps the samples away from any heated source. In fact, the sample rack is mounted away from the GC oven to prevent exposure to high temperatures, which could cause degradation or condensation in the sample vial.

Analysing fewer samples? Get precision and performance with a system that is perfectly sized for your needs. The HT3100A offers automation for processing up to 15 unattended samples.
Quick setting of the autosampler parameters can be done by the free PC control (HTA Autosampler Manager), provided together with the HT3100A, while all the routine operations such as analysis start, sample loading and extra wash can be managed by its dedicated keypad.

HT4000A sample prep station

HT4000A takes care of a large number of operations such as liquid handling (aspiration, dispensation, mixing, dilution, derivatisation, sample reformatting), filtration or purification (by MEPS or LLE), vessel handling (weighing, capping/uncapping, vortex), identification (BCR, RFID), sample conditioning (cooling, heating), and automated injection for HPLC, IC and some spectroscopy applications.

The modular design allows easy configuration and affordable costs. The liquid handling module is included in each configuration, while all other modules are included, according to your requirements. You get your HT4000A instrument tailored and designed to fit your lab workflow. Furthermore, by adding or removing modules, you are quickly able to deploy an additional or different sample prep procedure.

Injection mount.png

HT4000L LC autosampler

Easy to use, easy to install and easy to service. We believe in a “robust by design” approach: HT4000L – based on cutting edge technologies and DFX design – well incarnates this philosophy making itself the ideal instrument for installation in any scenario.
Full loop is performed with very high accuracy values, while partial loop also allows sample saving. The variable fill speed and the viscosity delay allow a wide range of sample viscosities; programmable sampling depth assures high sample recovery capacity.

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