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ErreDue laboratory gas generators

Thanks to it’s enormous experience and the skills of its specialists, ErreDue designs and manufactures technical gas generators, mixers and purifiers at the top of the technologies available today in a range of solutions that are able to cover all levels of requirement, from those of a small laboratory to those of larger industry.

ErreDue laboratory hydrogen gas generator

Flow rates from 150 to 1200 mL/min

MARS Hydrogen generators use PEM technology (Proton Exchange Membrane) which allows the production of compressed, extremely pure Hydrogen without the need for external purification nor compression systems.

MARS Hydrogen generators are fed by distilled water and electric current, no caustic solutions are used.


Hydrogen produced by MARS generators is ideal for every laboratory application: as a carrier gas for GCFID/ GC-NPD/GC-TCD, as a reagent gas for GC-ELCD/GC-HALL, as a reaction gas for ICP-MS.

Mars Hydrogen generators are equipped with a touchscreen display that shows, in real time, the output pressure, self-diagnostic functions with hydrogen leak detection and water level.

The “N” version of Mars Hydrogen generators has a drying cartridge, which does not need any maintenance, to provide the highest gas quality at the most cost effective price.

Air Generator

Chromalytic laboratory nitrogen generator

What we said:

"The perfect solution to your analytical needs, the Chromalytic zero air generator provides clean air to your GC for minimal baseline disturbance allowing maximum performance."

Chromalytic laboratory gas generators

Nitrogen Generator

Chromalytic laboratory air generator

The HF30A nitrogen generator is ideal for use in laboratories where a dependable and affordable source of nitrogen is essential and is suitable for all laboratories, especially where a high-pressure clean air source is not available at the point of use. Together with its partner Chromalytic, Dürr Technik has combined a premium compressor with state-of-the-art control and purification components to develop a product for business-critical applications. The HF30A is optimized for current LC-MS systems.

Thanks to its compact dimensions, the nitrogen generator can be placed anywhere. The use of the highest-quality components combined with our know-how in oil-free technology ensure low-maintenance operation and an extremely long service life. This in turn is reflected in the lowest life cycle costs in this class.

Key Features:

  • Lowest in class for costs of ownership

  • Extremely long service life thanks to high-quality materials and low-friction oil-free technology

  • Innovative dual-mode control for optimum operation and energy management

  • Simple multilingual touch screen user interface

  • Optimised for modern LC-MS systems

  • Compact design with easy installation in the laboratory


Optimally suited for the following applications:

  • Identification of medicinal products, veterinary medicinal products and plant protection products

  • Research and development laboratories

  • Chemical analysis applications

  • Food technology, e.g. determination of acrylamide in foodstuffs

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