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EST Purge & Trap

EST Analytical Purge and Trap Sampler

Liquid Gas Extractor


Water Analysis using GC Made Easy

Why choose purge & trap? How does it compare to other sampling techniques?

With purge and trap analytes are purged using an inert gas from their matrix onto a thermal desorption trap which is then heated onto a GC.

With thermal desorption, you feed samples directly onto the trap and then desorb them into a second trap within your system, which is arranged much like the purge and trap.

Dynamic headspace, on the other hand, does not use a trap, as samples are heated in a closed vial and the volatilised gases are forced onto a GC.

In summary, purge and trap is best used for water matrices, thermal desorption best for air and dynamic headspace best for solids.

The Purge and Trap technique is more sensitive by at least a factor of 1000 over headspace techniques. Typical sensitivity is in the ppb range. By purging samples at higher temperatures, higher molecular weight compounds can be detected.

EST Analytical Purge and Trap Sampler
EST Analytical Purge and Trap Sampler

Great For Analysing Methane in Water

Dissolved gas, called RSK or Shale Gas, and headspace analysis is becoming more prevalent in today’s environmental lab. There is a constant need to analyse the dissolved gas content of aqueous solutions. This increase is driving the need to automate this testing. EST analytical now provides a solution that automates this testing, making your laboratory more productive and reliable. Now your lab can stay EPA 5035 and (ASTM) Method D8028 compliant when running RSK-175. RSK is a time consuming, labour intensive analysis that requires manual preparation of sample vials prior to the headspace analysis.

The LGX-50 liquid gas extractor completely automates the sample prep for headspace analysis of Methane, Ethane, Ethene, and other compounds in water.

Maximize Your Productivity

  • Automatically process RSK-175 samples

  • Complies with ASTM D8028

  • Holds up to 50 samples allowing labs increased sample throughput

  • Uses optical sensors eliminate lost vial errors, syringe not-home errors, and elevator not-home errors all of which reduces lab productivity

  • Provides a rugged and robust XYZ design that maximizes sample throughput


Easier to Use

  • Offers intuitive software made for the end user enabling faster processing of dissolved gas samples

  • With remote access the lab can check on samples from any location when connected to the lab’s server

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