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Reconditioned Instruments

Have confidence in a cost-effective option with our 90-day warranties on reconditioned instrumentation.

All instruments are supplied with a PC & software. Enquire about our rental & rent-to-buy offers.

Agilent 1200 HPLC

Agilent 1200 LC

The Agilent 1200 Series Gradient system is the ideal MultiSolvent HPLC Gradient System, offering the most flexibility for your research. The modular system allows you to easily expand your analytical capabilities depending on your research needs. Designed for flexibility and robustness.

This system includes:

  • Degasser – Model : G1379B

  • Gradient Pump –  Model : G1319A

  • Autosampler –  Model : G1329A

  • Variable Wavelength Detector (VWD) – Model : G1314B

  • Diode Array Detector (DAD) –  Model : G1315B

  • Thermostatically-controlled Column Compartment – (TCC), Model: G1316B

  • PC & Clarity Software

Price: SOLD

Contact us for more information.

Agilent 6890 GC with 5975 Mass Spectrometer

The Agilent 6890 provides robustness and confidence in accuracy of results. Also equipped with a 7683 liquids autosampler.

The MSD features: • Local Control Panel (LCP) for locally monitoring and operating the MSD • One of three different high vacuum pumps • Rotary vane foreline pump • Independently MSD heated electron-ionization ion source • Independently MSD heated hyperbolic quadrupole mass filter • High-energy dynode (HED) electron multiplier detector • Independently GC heated GC/MSD interface • Chemical ionization (EI/PCI/NCI) modes available. 

Has passed sensitivity tests on both hydrogen and helium carrier gas to meet Agilent factory standards. Includes PC & Chemstation Software.

Price: £15,000
Contact us for more information.

Agilent 6890 GC with 5975 Mass Spectrometer
Agilent 6890 GC-FID with ECD

Agilent 6890 GC-FID with ECD

The Agilent 6890 provides robustness and confidence in accuracy of results. The electron capture detector is used for detecting electron-absorbing components (high electronegativity) such as halogenated compounds in the output stream of a gas chromatograph. Also has FID.

Includes PC & Clarity Software.

Price: £6,000

Contact us for more information.

Thermo EA 1112 (2 in stock)

The Thermo Scientific EA 1112 Elemental Analyser operates with dynamic combustion of the sample for nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen and sulphur determination, and oxygen determination by pyrolysis. Thermo are the longest-standing producer of an organic elemental analyser that operates by combustion, so this is a product you can trust.

This system includes:

  • EA 1112 Mainframe with two furnaces allowing CHNS and O analysis on the same machine

  • MAS200R Solids Autosampler

  • PC & EagerSmart Software

We have two of these systems available, both of which have been reconditioned by factory trained engineers. Analyser 1 has had a shorter operational lifetime and is in finer cosmetic condition.

Price Analyser 1: SOLD

Price Analyser 2: £10,000

Contact us for more information.

Thermo organic elemental analyser


High effective analytical HPLC system containing photodiode array detector (PDA / DAD), low pressure quaternary gradient pump, degasser and column oven. Detector allows measuring absorbance on four wavelengths simultaneously in one cell just as measuring of whole spectrum (scan). Pump flow rate up to 10ml/min and pressure capability of 600 bar. Currently with Vici manual injection valve (20ul fixed loop). Autosampler options available.

New PC with Windows 10 and Clarity 9 full software licence with PDA extension included.

Price: £13,000

Contact us for more information.

Varian 8300 GC with FID and PFPD

Varian 3800 GC with 3410 Auto-injector

This system has been fully tested by our factory-trained engineers to ensure that it is still working to the same standard as when it first left the factory.

It has two split/splitless inlets and two detectors: PFPD and FID.​

The 8410 Auto-injector allows for automated sampling by using a flow through cell and vial tray.

PC and Galaxie software included.

Price: £4,500

Contact us for more information.

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