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Gas Chromatography


At CE Instruments we can build a GC to your specification and needs.

Crystal 9000 is a leading gas chromatograph in CE Instrument's GC product line. Designed for the highest performances and able to meet a wide range of applications.

The Crystal 9000 is a fully automated, flexible, versatile instrument featuring a wide range of detectors, injectors and external automatic samplers and other devices.



 - Four detectors
- Three injectors (third as Packed Column Inlet)
- Up to 13 heating zones
- Six gas valves
- Ten flow/pressure controllers
- Optional 7 inch Touch Screen LCD
Possibility to install a wide range of capillary pneumatic control accessories like Dean’s switch microfluidic
module and other low-dead volume collectors for capillary columns switching.

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AS 2M (3D Headspace) is a static headspace autosampler as base unit and upgradable by options for liquid sample injections and SPME.

AS 2M 3D Headspace Autosampler realizes static headspace technique by heated syringe injections to GC inlet ports.

Modular configuration - additional Liquid Injection option and SPME option. These can be supplied separately and installed in the autosampler easily.

Headspace syringes of SGE DiamondTM HS series provide good performance in carryover, repeatability and operating temperature range. Thanks to side installation of the sampler: Inlet ports remain free for manual injection or service action.

Vials tray are isolated from any GC heating zone influence.

AS 2M 3D headspace autosampler has advanced errors checking and warning systems:

Wrong position detection

Touch sensor to stop the sampler in case of any unexpected mechanical intervention

Missing vial detection


Mass Spectrometry

Crystal GC-MSD

Our GC-MSD solutions offer both unsurpassed sensitivity and unparalleled stability for a wide range of applications in any laboratory.

The system can deliver the high-performance, throughput and accuracy expected of todays MS systems.

The Crystal MSD is a fully automated and is designed for ease of service with user friendly software.