PDA Detector
UV\Vis Detector
RI Detector

Multi purpose HPLC system to cover all liquid chromatography applications.
Qualitative and quantitative analysis for Assay, Impurity and Degradation Products in a range of samples.

Fully supported by Clarity software


HPLC Pumps

Standard and high pressure

This pump works as isocratic pump and together with Gradient Box with Degasser.

The Gradient Box with Degasser ECB2004 is equipped with four way gradient mixing valve and degasser and is ordered separately. With a flow-rate of 0.01-10.00 ml/min. and a pressure limit at 40 MPa this pump is suited for analytical applications in liquid chromatography. It is designed with main and auxiliary pump heads connected in series with a piston diameter of 1/8”

The pump is supported by Clarity software.



ECO2080 / ECO2099

ECO2080 is equipped with Peltier elements which allow chilling up to 0°C.

ECO2099 allows heating only.

Both units have a large column space which can accommodate up to 3 columns with a length up to 25 cm.

Supported by Clarity software.


Fraction collection

Easy programming of fraction collection
Possibility to connect electronically controlled valve
for special flow functions
Display information of running process
Manual unit control from keyboard
Compact size, fits in most fume hoods.

Supported by Clarity software.

Fractal collector.jpg