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Multi purpose HPLC system to cover all liquid chromatography applications.
Qualitative and quantitative analysis for Assay, Impurity and Degradation Products in a range of samples, for Industries such as:
Food & Beverage

Highly effective preparative system containing UV-VIS DAD detectorpreparative pump andgradient box. Detector allows measuring at four wavelengths in the same time or an informative scan.

Rental systems available

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ECP2010 analytical HPLC pump
This pump works as an isocratic pump and also as gradient pump equipped with a four way gradient mixing valve and degasser.
With a flow-rate of 0.01-10.00 ml/min. and a pressure limit at 40 MPa this pump is suited for analytical applications in liquid chromatography. It is designed with main and auxiliary pump heads connected in series with a piston diameter of 1/8”.

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HT4000L HPLC Sampler


Easy to use, easy to install and easy to service. We believe in a “robust by design” approach: HT4000L – based on cutting edge technologies and DFX design – well incarnates this philosophy making itself the ideal instrument for installation in any scenario. Full loop is performed with very high accuracy values, while partial loop also allows sample saving. The variable fill speed and the viscosity delay allow a wide range of sample viscosities; programmable sampling depth assures high sample recovery capacity. All the routine operations such as analysis start, sample loading and extra wash can be managed by its dedicated keypad. Set your method once using the complimentary HTA Autosampler Manager, then you just need to load samples and press START: experience a seamless integration with your Chromatography Data System.


HT4000L fits all liquid chromatography systems. It is able to look after the widest range of applications including analytical, prep, UHPLC, IC, nano, LC/MS… and many more! Within the standard configuration the autosampler is equipped with an automatic 6 port 2-way injection valve for analytical applications. However, a wide selection of valves for inert or extended pressure applications are also available as per special injection ports for applications where no valve is needed.


UHPLC applications require an extended pressure range and a reduced amount of injected sample. HT4000L is optimised for such requirements and can be supplied with an UHPLC injection valve or can be upgraded in the field at a later time.
Also in this configuration HT4000L features extraordinary analytical performance with the highest reliability.

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CE Instruments supply vials, caps and septa for all your autosampler needs. 
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Clarity Software

21 CFR Part 11 compliance

Simultaneous data acquisition up to

4 independent chromatographs

Various analysis method applications

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