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Chromatography Data Systems


Chromatography Software from Chromatography Specialists:

DataApex is constantly striving to provide users with efficient and up-to-date tools for chromatography data processing. The current product line called Clarity is already a third generation of chromatography stations. It builds on the connection of expertise gained over the years on the market and flexibility in adopting the most recent trends in the chromatography industry.


Clarity Chromatography

Clarity is a universal software solution for almost any commercially available chromatograph. The software allows you to acquire data digitally or from analog outputs on multiple independent instruments simultaneously and evaluate acquired chromatograms.


Controlled instruments

Optional control modules provide integrated control of selected instruments such as GCs, LCs, pumps, detectors, autosamplers, etc. Extensions provide functions for specific separation techniques or calculations such as PDA, GPC analysis, Mass spectrometry, or SST. Clarity can run in English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, and Chinese language. Support technicians and developers are close to their users and ready to provide extensive support from DataApex.



Extensions are software modules that enhance the possibilities of Clarity Chromatography software. Extensions add features to Clarity that are specific to a given type of analysis (e.g. GPC) or for a specific task, such as SST enabling the Performance Qualification.


PDA - Photodiode Array Extension


Extension for 3D data analysis from Photodiode Array Detectors.

The PDA Extension is an optional Extension that is used for processing data that has been acquired from selected photo diode array detectors. Spectral data, together with chromatograms, add a third dimension to analytical data analysis. This extension expands the capability of Clarity by providing interactive spectral analysis, peak purity analysis and compound identification that is based on a spectral library search. PDA data can be displayed in a set of optional views including 3D rendering.

All data is saved in a single file; a chromatogram at any wavelength or even only a spectrum can simply be recalled for review after an analysis. UV-VIS spectra, acquired using a PDA detector, may be interactively selected from a chromatogram signal for visual inspection and comparison. The spectra may also be used for peak purity determinations, wavelength optimization and component identification through spectral libraries.


DHA - Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis Extension

Extension for Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis. It allows the determination of individual components in spark ignition engine fuels.
DHA Extension brings you the ability to calculate the properties of the samples directly in the chromatography software with the complete workflow of data acquisition, peak calibration, DHA calculations based on supported norms and reporting. These methods are often referred to as PONA, PIONA, O-PONA, etc.
It is possible to create a custom norm which will meet the conditions in your laboratory.